Compliance Gaps
 Cost Your Business
Precious Time and Resources.

AlphaCOI Insurance Certificate Management 
Simplifies Keeping Your Business Audit-Ready.

AlphaCOI is Certificate of Insurance Management at Your Fingertips.

AlphaCOI Insurance Certificate Management is cloud-based and
online 24x7. At the fraction of the cost of an administrative assistant.

You don't need an incident to be liable for uninsured subs!
AlphaCOI Helps You Get and Remain Audit-Ready

Annual audits can add a costly administrative burden to those that have not maintained their insurance certificate tracking throughout the year. A system that manages expiration of policy periods and notifies of out of coverage of your vendors, subcontractors, can significantly save time and money.  AlphaCOI has interfaces for multiple types of small business.  

AlphaCOI has intuitive interfaces for comprehensive Insurance COI Tracking for multiple types of small business including: 

  • Platform flags issues and ensures continuity of insurance coverage.  
  • Specify your required coverages including general liability and other requisite insurance types. 
  • Initiate updates when coverage lapses with configurable notifications and alerts. 
  • Decrease time and resources required to prepare for audits and compliance checks. 
  • Increase revenue per policy sold value for insurance sales agents.
  • Differentiate your brokerage value with   added benefits to your insured clients.  
  • Maintain the insurance coverages and validity records of vendors and tenants  online (24x7).
  • Liability coverage tracking all the facilities management contractors and vendors.
  • Specify the policy types you  require for your vendors and ensure that they meet their insurance coverage needs. 
  • Manage insurance liability and certificates for all your subcontractors in one platform. 
  • Easy look up of vendors and subcontractor validity periods.
  • Decrease administrative and coordination efforts on bids  and streamline the risk on your projects. 

AlphaCOI Insurance Certificate Management is cloud-based and online 24x7. At the fraction of the cost of an administrative assistant. 

Need to manage Certificates of Insurance (COIs), but don't know what module is best? We're here to help. Reach out to us?

Automating Certificate of Insurance Tracking Saves Time and Money

Certificates of Insurance, such as ACORD forms, provide proof of insurance validity and convey coverage periods. These certificates, when received from vendors need to be tracked and managed.  Lapses can lead to costly fines and legal issues during audit. AlphaCOI's was built for that very purpose. 

Risks and Pitfalls of Traditional COI Management:

  • Time-consuming audits that can take time away from revenue-generating work.
  • Loss of income from fines for non-compliance.
  • Distracting legal claims.
  • Downtime for staff to coordinate and file multiple paper certificates of insurance.

Benefits of Effective Online COI Management: 

  • Higher quality COI management program = Improved compliance.
  • Ability to focus on your core business.
  • Time and cost savings.
  • Access to data and metrics to measure your compliance.
  • Faster turn around time and better compliance.

Online Risk-Compliance Platforms are Key for Managing Risk and Maintaining Audit-Readiness.
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AlphaCOI is Designed Simply for Reduced Administrative Burden

Insurance Audit Wizard

Stay audit-ready throughout the year. Our "Audit Wizard" helps you to see where you stand. Simply, input a time range and AlphaCOI will pull every policy, ready to send. 

Email Notifications

You can customize  email notifications to suit your business need, set reminders,  get alerts and more. AlphaCOI does the remembering for you, and your contractors, so that you don't have to.

Easy Upload of Certificates

Uploading Certificates of Insurance (COIs) data to the system is easy and we are making it even easier with the ability for our system to extract your critical data directly.  

AlphaCOI is a user-friendly cloud-based Certificate of Insurance management and tracking system. We manage your COI’s through expiration and policy dates to help ensure insurance coverage continuity between your subcontractors, contractors, property management professionals and other various industries.

Cloud-Based, 24 X 7 Secure Access

AlphaCOI manages Certificates of Insurance through a centralized location, electronically and more efficiently than traditional paper filing and at a fraction of the cost. 

Accessible When you Need It

There is no installation required. Simply navigate to the web-based application and login to your unique account when you have a new vendor and upload the certificate and key details. 

Visual Alerts for Out-of-Coverage Vendors 

Once you set up your vendors in the system, our dashboards will show you a clear picture of which vendors are within coverage. So you limit your liability risk. 

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AlphaCOI is a simple, easy to use platform designed to help the small business owner to reduce risk and ensure insurance compliance. 

what they say:

AlphaCOI has been huge help to our business. As a construction company we have several subcontractors and staying on top of everyone was a full time job. Thanks to AlphaCOI we have cut this in half, saved money and solved so many headaches.

Auburn Valley Construction


I never had a clear picture of my vendors' coverage validity. AlphaCOI gave me an easy way to scan and upload COI certificates and notifies me before expiration. I know have a clear picture of where we stand. That takes a load off my mind.

General Construction Company - Owner

My admin had to spend hours every quarter checking the validity in a spreadsheet and calling vendors to chase expiring certificates. Now, with AlphaCOI, that process happens mostly online, my admin now does this in minutes, not hours.

Roofing and Construction Company - Owner