What is a Certificate of Insurance for Moving and Do You Need It?

It’s essential to have a Certificate of Insurance for moving and understand why you need it. For example, if you are planning a move to or from NYC, or a move involving a building or condo, you may have been asked for a Certificate of Insurance. In the New York metro region, most property and building management companies require these certificates as insurance proof. They do not want to be liable if any damage or injuries occur on their property due to moving activities.

If your moving company doesn't have this certificate, it won't be able to access any building requesting it. Imagine planning all of that hard work for your move going down the drain and scrambling to find a last-minute moving solution. What a nightmare!

What does a Certificate of Insurance cover?

The Certificate of Insurance is not an insurance policy, it just provides proof and summarizes the coverages. The majority of Certificates of Insurance cover liability insurance, automobile liability, workers compensation, cargo insurance, and umbrella coverage. The majority of building managers require moving insurance coverage of two million dollars per move, so make sure that the moving company has the proper amount of coverage. However, most buildings only require insurance coverage for up to five and ten million dollars, since they are typically commercial buildings. Roadway Moving is honored to offer 10 million dollar COIs for your move, ensuring your moving day is as stress-free as possible.

Does Everyone Need a Certificate of Insurance to Move in?

You will need to ask your building’s management company if a COI is needed. Most buildings in NYC and other major metro areas require a COI for their property protection. You might be able to determine if one is provided in your move-in paperwork. Often, your landlord will provide you with a template that contains the information needed. So, your paperwork is the first place to start. When you schedule your move, be sure the COI is mentioned. It's one more thing that could delay your moving day since your movers will not be allowed in without it.

What’s in a Certificate of Insurance?

The COI indicates several important pieces of information that the building manager will want to see, including that the moving company is insured and has insurance for that specific building. So, it provides the address of the property that you are moving into or out of and then continues to describe in detail what is covered by the certificate and how it should be used. The building manager will have an assurance that any damage will be covered by the insurance company.

How to Take Care of the Certificate of Insurance

First, ask the property manager or building manager for the building you are leaving or moving into for a sample COI. They usually have them on hand, but if they do not have any, you can just get the certificate holders, and any additional insured. The certificate will also list the individual to whom the certificate is issued, so you'll need their name, email address, office telephone number, office address, and fax number.

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