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Managing Audits has Never Been Easier and Less Time-Consuming

We know AlphaCOI is the best choice for small to medium business COI tracking, but it gets better!

Learn how your brokerage can save time on audits, start earning, and add value to clients!

AlphaCOI Benefits to Insurance Brokerages/Insurance Sales Professionals

The AlphaCOI's SaaS Platform is useful compliance platform for all industries including construction and contracting, property management, prime contractors and any other industry that is required to manage and maintain insurance validity for all its subcontractors and vendors. Our subscriptions scale according to the number of certificates managed providing maximum flexibility for the small and growing small business.

Reduce Audit Labor Costs

AlphaCOI reduces the direct administrative labor costs of insurance agents during an audit. 

Promote Client Retention

AlphaCOI promotes client retention through ease of audit process and clear communications.

24x7 Access to Insured's COIs

Alpha COI's 24x7 Online interface lets you access your insured’s certificates on file in real time. 

Differentiate Your Service

AlphaCOI provides a value added service for your firm’s insured that differentiates you from competition.

Bonus Access for Prospecting

Give prospects or insured clients get a 1 month free access. They'll see the benefit - you'll be the hero!

Give Away Subscription Codes

Pre purchase AlphaCOI subscriptions for clients and email them a voucher code for access.

Our Brokerage Affiliate Accounts enable you to provide prospects with insurance AND a way to manage certificate validity and compliance.  Why not register and see for yourself. 

Register Your Free Brokerage Account and Start the Earnings

By registering your brokerage and signing up your sales professionals you are creating additional income opportunity.  

7%  Payout On Subscription Sales

That's right. You get 7% of every subscription you sell for as long as the subscription is active.

Get In the Door Prospect Bonus

Give your Prospects one month  access to AlphaCOI free. Not only do you give them this value added product but they get a month free.  

Monthly Payouts On All Accounts

We pay monthly on all active subscriptions. It adds up. 

Increase Residual Sales Income 

It all adds up. Just imagine if every insurance client and prospect subscribes you'll e

AlphaCOI is Designed Simply for Reduced Administrative Burden

Insurance Audit Wizard

Stay audit-ready throughout the year. Our "Audit Wizard" helps you to see where you stand. Simply, input a time range and AlphaCOI will pull every policy, ready to send. 

Email Notifications

You can customize  email notifications to suit your business need, set reminders,  get alerts and more. AlphaCOI does the remembering for you, and your contractors, so that you don't have to.

Easy Upload of Certificates

Uploading certificates of Insurance (COIs) data to the system is easy and we are making it even easier with the ability for our system to extract your critical data directly.  

AlphaCOI is a user-friendly cloud-based Certificate of Insurance management and tracking system. We manage your COI’s through expiration and policy dates to help ensure insurance coverage continuity between your subcontractors, contractors, property management professionals and other various industries.

Cloud-Based, 24 X 7 Secure Access

AlphaCOI manages Certificates of Insurance through a centralized location, electronically and more efficiently than traditional paper filing and at a fraction of the cost. 

Accessible When you Need It

There is no installation required. Simply navigate to the web-based application and login to your unique account when you have a new vendor and upload the certificate and key details. 

Visual Alerts for Out-of-Coverage Vendors 

Once you set up your vendors in the system, our dashboards will show you a clear picture of which vendors are within coverage. So you limit your liability risk. 

Take a Risk-Free 14-Day Test-Drive on us! It Takes Minutes to Set Up a Trial Account

About AlphaCOI.

AlphaCOI is a user-friendly cloud-based Certificate of Insurance management system. Manage COI expiration and policy dates to help ensure insurance coverage continuity between subcontractors,contractors, professionals and in various other business categories.